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February 3, 2023

Capitalizing on Mother Nature’s HVAC system

Without much fanfare, Ultra Geothermal of Barrington recently installed its 1,000th system and has become one of the top geothermal design and installer firms in all of New England. Owned and run by the husband and wife team Darren Rice and Melissa Aho, the company's growth is reflective of a huge surge of interest in the residential renewable energy field
May 12, 2021

Experienced HVAC Installers Needed

$5,000 Signing Bonus For Experienced HVAC Installers & Technicians HVAC Installers / Service Technicians Needed. Ultra Geothermal Inc. of Barrington, NH is seeking experienced HVAC Installers […]
February 3, 2021

Melissa Aho named Barrington’s
2011 Business Leader of the Year

Melissa Aho of Ultra Geothermal is on quite the winning streak. Fresh off winning at New Hampshire Business Magazine’s 2011 Lean & Green Awards, the longtime Green Alliance Business Partner was just named 2011 Business Leader of the Year by the Greater Barrington Chamber of Commerce.

February 3, 2021

NH Clean Tech Council – Member Spotlight

In New Hampshire, as in many New England states, heating and cooling are of vital importance to maintain comfort and health during our sometimes brutally cold winters and increasingly hot, humid summers. In this day and age, a homeowner has many options to chose from when it comes to heating and cooling systems; and one of the best options is geothermal.

Geothermal systems tap into the natural energy source underground to heat and cool your home. On the surface, it's as simple as that.

February 3, 2021

Student apartments save with geothermal

From the outside, the Rivers Edge Apartments, an off-campus student apartment building located in downtown Durham, looks like other similar residences. But it's anything but. In fact, the apartment building is vastly different using geothermal technology, an alternative energy source that provides the familiar comfort of traditional heating and cooling systems, according to Melissa Aho, president of Ultra Geothermal, Inc. in Barrington
February 3, 2021

Barrington firm specializes in geothermal power

Ultra Geothermal of Barrington was one of just six Granite State businesses honored at last month's New Hampshire Business Magazine's 2011 Lean & Green Awards in Portsmouth. For company President Melissa Aho, the award is just the latest milestone in a journey that began a little more than three years ago
February 3, 2021

Wild and Scenic Film Festival unites green businesses

Since 2003, the Wild and Scenic Film Festival has informed audiences of current environmental issues. As the largest environmental film festival in North America, it is Wild and Scenic's mission to spark conversation throughout the country to discover resolutions of these issues.
February 3, 2021

Ultra Geothermal to be featured in Coastal Home Magazine

Look for us as the featured Green Alliance Business Partner in the January issue of Coastal Home Magazine!
February 3, 2021

Meet a Green Alliance business

What: Ultra Geothermal owner Melissa Aho says geothermal's popularity has risen over the years despite its initial upfront cost. With more than a decade of installations, Ultra has proven that customer savings outweigh those costs. Ultra has installed more than 750 systems
February 3, 2021

B-Green Collaborative Green Energy e-Magazine: Interview with Melissa Aho, President of Ultra Geothermal, Inc.

In January, B-Green Collaborative published an article titled "Geothermal Your Home?" in which we discussed using geothermal systems to efficiently condition residential living space. To complement that article, we recently sat down and spoke with Melissa Aho, President of Ultra Geothermal, Inc. in Barrington, New Hampshire, a leading residential geothermal installer for New England. What follows is a summary of that interview
February 3, 2021

Ultra Geothermal finds savings underground

Although the technology is more expensive up front, geothermal energy’s down-the-road savings are unrivaled. Depending on local geologic conditions, however, one method of harnessing geothermal energy can prove superior to the other, and that’s where Barrington-based Ultra Geothermal has made its mark
February 3, 2021

Geothermal in New England

Geothermal heat pumps have been used to heat and cool homes since the 1940's when Robert Webber converted a freezer into a heating & cooling system for his house. Heat pumps now provide many homeowners a comfortable way to maintain constant temperatures throughout the home. There are several considerations, however, that should be looked at prior to installing a system here in New England
February 3, 2021

Green Collar Careers: Ultra Geothermal President Melissa Aho

When Melissa Aho, 38, joined Ultra Heating & Cooling in 2006, roughly 30 percent of the company’s business was in geothermal. But it didn’t take long before more and more New Hampshire residents started insisting on a cleaner, more renewable source of heat, and soon it became one example of supply and demand that this “green” energy business was happy to serve. Today, the rechristened Ultra Geothermal is proving that clean energy is the superior source of power
February 3, 2021

Barrington firm has the proof of geothermal’s benefits on site

Instead of just talking about what a geothermal system can do, Melissa Aho would rather show her customers. "We have three working geothermal systems on site," said Aho, president of Ultra Geothermal in Barrington. "And we show them the energy bill so that they can see what a properly installed system should cost them for a year cycle,"
February 3, 2021

Barrington Chamber Chats: Getting to know Melissa Aho, President of Ultra Geothermal in Barrington

In this Metrocast series, the Greater Barrington Chamber of Commerce sits down with local business owners to learn about what they do and how they connect with other Barrington area businesses.
February 3, 2021

EcoMovement, Ultra Geothermal earn Lean & Green awards

EcoMovement in Portsmouth and Ultra Geothermal in Barrington each received one of Business NH Magazine's 2011 Lean & Green Awards. EcoMovement won in the newly created Innovator category. The company received the Innovation award for its compost-collection service, which helps Seacoast businesses eliminate waste. Ultra Geothermal, which won a Green Process award in the small company category for businesses with fewer than 50 employees, demonstrated that, by developing sustainable internal operations, they could save on energy use and costs ... read more YouTube video: Ultra Geothermal President Melissa Aho discusses cost-saving initiatives that reduce their impact from fossil fuels
February 3, 2021

UNH Wildcats go green: Football fans asked to be eco-friendly

The University of New Hampshire's Athletics Department and the school's sustainability office are teaming up to help the UNH Wildcats football team go green this season. When the team has its home opener on September 5 at Cowell Stadium, fans will be encouraged to dispose of their trash properly and use recycle bins Marshalling the expertise of myriad partnering businesses, the GA hosted seminars on topics ranging from effective green branding to brand development, marketing, and
February 3, 2021

GA welcomes community members and businesses to renewable energy forum

Back in the spring, the GA broadened its community and business outreach efforts by hosting a unique Green Business Learning Series at the company’s downtown Portsmouth headquarters. Marshalling the expertise of myriad partnering businesses, the GA hosted seminars on topics ranging from effective green branding to brand development, marketing, and
February 3, 2021

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association:

What energy advice do you have for the new president? President Obama should work hard at educating the public on the rebates and incentives that can make environmental change more affordable
February 3, 2021

New Hampshire Home Feature – A Green Dream Home

Back in 1904 when he published his signature novel Green Mansions, it's unlikely that author William Henry Hudson knew he was giving name to a coming environmental movement. Green mansions—in fact, green homes of every size and dimension—are all the rage these days

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